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Sara Eisenberg is a wisdom guide and healer dedicated to helping you turn directly into your fears, step into greater wholeness, and establish a life of practice in tune with your own rhythms and in relationship with what is. A life-long learner, Sara draws on her many years of questioning, practice, training, and experience as a guide, facilitator and educator in community, academic, and spiritually-based settings. She has studied Nondual Kabbalistic Healing with A Society of Souls’ founder Jinen Jason Shulman since 1995, and holds a Master of Science degree in Herbal Medicine. Sara is in private practice at Ruscombe Community Health Center, teaches at the MD University of Integrative Health (formerly TAI Sophia Institute) and she is the founder of A Life of Practice, her online home where she integrates her work in Nondual Kabbalistic Healing, Herbal Medicine and Creative Inquiry. She meets with clients both live and via phone or skype.
  • "The herbal powder is wonderful...My back issues are improving, and I am finding that taking the whole day’s worth of herbs just before yoga class provides a huge benefit."

    Cathy P, yoga teacher, Columbia, MD
  • "When I was recovering from Lyme disease several years ago, I developed terrible allergies. Sara concocted an herbal formula for me that both helped alleviate my symptoms and helped to rebuild my immune system. I no longer suffer from any chronic allergies and when I do have periodic recurrences of symptoms, I know just how to manage them without the chemical medications that often lead to uncomfortable side effects. Thanks so much for your detailed attentiveness."

    Diana K, acupuncturist, Baltimore MD
  • "I want you to know that I like what you said: 'The effects will also build cumulatively and help rebuild your resilience at deeper levels as time goes on.'  As I read those words I could hear you and I took a spontaneous deep breath when I read those words… they are like a promise, encouragement that I can/will rebuild, replenish, replete.  Thank you, Sara!"

    Cassandra O, retired health/wellness practitioner/educator, Baltimore MD
  • "Thanks to your treatment this is the best day I’ve had in over a week, month …. I felt a discernible shift about 11:15 p.m. last night. Today I feel grounded, intact, in the flow of things.  Not anxious, overwhelmed, irritable."